Engineering Services

On-call comprehensive engineering services Eshet offers engineering services that can be contracted for any project phase, including comprehensive project management responsible for ensuring site safety, sourcing sub-contractors and consultants, drafting and recommending program execution methods required for the project, defining the budget and monitoring project implementation. Customers appreciate that all the required project consultancy services can be acquired in one place. Eshet’s comprehensive engineering services include: Management planning: Eshet recruits and manages design teams and consultants to plan the preliminary design, final design and project implementation. Coordination of infrastructure systems: Eshet determines the details and location of road or building infrastructure  and coordinates with the design planners for water, sewage, compressed air, electricity, air conditioning, lighting, and communications. Preparation of specifications, quantity calculations and estimates: Eshet provides a defined set of specifications and calculations for the project, including architecture, construction, development of infrastructure and more. Project costs are estimated in accordance with prevailing market prices. Financial assistance / engineering: Since 1990, Eshet has offered its customers assistance in working with financial institutions. . The company’s services include collecting real estate data and construction rights, legal status, costs associated with acquiring land, taxation, fees and other related costs, implementation of cost estimates for the project, market prices and valuation of the project, cash flow forecasts over the life of the project, profitability analysis and testing. Other services include a monthly bank report highlighting the estimated increases in performance, as well as evaluation and examination of expenses. Unique projects: Eshet undertakes unique projects in governance, project management and safety for large enterprises, government offices and companies.
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