Roads and Traffic Engineering

Take the high road with our comprehensive planning services  Today’s mobile society requires comprehensive transportation planning. Eshet has extensive experience in designing roads and tracks, from the physical planning of the roads, through the specification and design for drainage. The company also specializes in transportation and traffic plans, infrastructures and urban development. Eshet’s roads and traffic division engineers use patented software and other technologies to find creative solutions that help customers realize cost savings, shorten construction schedules and meet all deadlines allocated to the project. Eshet’s comprehensive QA process ensures that all specifications meet the highest global standards, with zero defects, leading to approvals upon first plan submission. Eshet’s roads and traffic engineering services include:

  • Traffic planning – planning highways, roads and paths, junctions, roundabouts, and inter-city routes
  • Road planning – implementing physical plans for highways, roads, paths, roundabouts, crossroads, etc.
  • Earth works – specializing in general earth works, digging and filling
  • Drainage – creating a geometrical drainage plan that accommodates draining systems to match the rain’s run-off in the project area
  • Computer and software – using state-of-the-art computers, including advanced software such as: Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, Sivan Design CivilCAD, Sivan Design Civil Simulate 3D, and others
  • Drawing quality assurance – examining all details and dimensions of the drawings several times in each stage, to ensure that the roads and road systems correspond accurately to the design
  • Oriented implementation drawings – clients receive drawings after full approval of all options, definitions and costs involved in the implementation stages
  • Comprehensive inspections – wide-ranging on-site field inspections by the planning engineer and project inspector
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