Structure Design Engineering

Our comprehensive planning saves you time, money and hassle

Planning excellence is the key to a successful engineering project. 

Eshet’s structure design division is comprised of more than 25 building engineers who are responsible for the design of concrete and steel structures of all sizes and purposes, including multi-story buildings, bridges, underground structures, explosion-proof buildings and all types of industrial steel structures.

Eshet’s engineering team takes full responsibility for the design of all elements of the structure – from soil to building materials – ensuring that the most complex projects are planned properly from the start. Eshet is renowned for its creative solutions and zero-defect plans, resulting in first-time approvals that save clients significant time and expense over the course of a project.

Eshet’s planning division builds templates and programs; analyzes static schemes from three-dimensional perspectives; performs static calculations of normal loads such as wind and rain, as well as abnormal effects such as earthquakes and other disasters. The planning process includes a preliminary design sketch, analysis of customer needs for materials, guidelines for safety, accessibility, and any special limitations or requirements of the project. During the design phase, each element in the structure is drawn, including the dimensions and design of any sub-elements, leading to a complete set of design specifications.

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